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RS Atelier Ballroom Tailsuit ON SALE NOW

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My Most Popular Item ON SALE NOW

Save $100 Off RS Atelier Made to Measure Ballroom Tailsuit from Dancewear For You until 31st July

My most popular product by far is the RS Atelier Tailsuit and for this month only we can take $100 off this beautiful custom-made suit.

RS Atelier Ballroom Tails are made to measure in Italy and therefore prices can fluctuate a little from week to week.

DROP ME A LINE NOW for today's price with your $100 discount.

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE shipped to your door including all Australian Taxes, Customs, GST & Express Shipping from Dancewear For You. 

Outside Australia?  No problem, at Dancewear For You I offer personal service, best price guarantee shipped to your door worldwide!


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