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Pure Class Bespoke Tailsuit

Pure Class Bespoke Made to Measure Ballroom Tailsuit


Available exclusively in Australia and NZ from Dancewear For You, your new custom tailored Pure Class Tailsuit will be created and hand made in the UK by Pure Class professional Ballroom Tailors.

Mark Plant is one of the worlds leading dance tailors with over 25 years tailoring experience and 35 years competitive dance experience culminating in a very successful professional career.  Now retired from competition, Mark still teaches and adjudicates all over the world.  With this background Mark is perfectly placed to assess the modern dancers needs and with his skills as a tailor able to translate these into the perfect suit. 

Mark has made some exciting changes in both the design and construction of his tailsuits including the use of some exclusive cloths.

We have several options for your new Pure Class Bespoke Tailsuit from Dancewear For You.  Just send an email any time for today's price, how to be professionally measured and your various tailoring options.

The tailsuits are priced from $2000 upwards depending on cloth choice and tailoring methods mentioned below.  Prices will vary depending on current exchange rates.

*PLEASE NOTE your Dancewear For You pricing is your COMPLETE PRICE to AUS & NZ customers including an allowance for customs & duties plus express shipping.

When we make your next tailsuit you can be confident it will not only do justice to both you and your partner but make you look and feel truly PURE CLASS on the dance floor.  Take a look at our Tailsuits in action with Diego Arias, Dusan Dragovic, Alex Plant and many others who choose to wear PURE CLASS Tailsuits.

Option 1

A postal fitting for Aus & NZ customers.  This is where the suit is taken to a forward fitting stage and posted out to your address.  You would then try the suit on with your coach and take photographs and write any comments you have regarding the fit and feel.  This is still very much an unfinished item but is in a state that can be put on and will look and feel close enough to the finished product for you to get a good idea.  The suit, comments and photographs are then returned to us for us to look over and complete, it may be that we will need to call you to discuss the fitting and what you feel before we complete and return the suit. - Please ask for a special price on this tailoring option.

Option 2

Straight through to complete is our most cost effective and popular method.  This is where you choose to have the suit made through to completion based upon your detailed measurement chart and photographs.  As you can imagine, making Tailsuits long distance can be difficult but our Pure Class professional tailors will take every care to make the suit as close as possible to your measurements.  In the unlikely event that any major alterations are needed to your completed suit you can contact us for the most cost effective method.

We take our reputation very seriously and will make every effort to ensure every customer is treated as they deserve and the finished suit is something both ourselves and the customer can be very proud of. 

PURE CLASS not just a name but a statement of quality and service proudly presented by Dancewear For You.


The Competitors Cut 

"Over 30 years of development and change making and dealing with the worlds very best.  The ever changing cut and image to what the dancer requires for the dancing style of the current day.  It's important that the suit is cut to match the silhouette of the partnership not only the individual. 

The best 4 way stretch fabric is without doubt what we at Pure Class recommend.  It allows Mark Plant our master tailor to fit and cut the suit to the dancers body but at the same time giving the dancer comfort.  In appearance the fabric looks a traditional very black wool with the advantage of being light weight and full stretch.

We no longer have to use pads in the shoulders as the fabric can be stretched across the shoulder canvas.  This gives a natural shoulder line and the collar can then be set lower giving the dancer a long neck and visible white collar.

The back fit again because of the cloth stretches from the middle of the back to the elbow when in dance hold, taking away the fabric drape that is visible in a none stretch fabric.

We no longer use sleeve linings as this cloth can be fitted as close as the dancer requires to the arm but it is important that the stretch of the fabric is not used around the arm as this will result in the sleeves looking too tight and will detract from the coaches requirements and giving what is formally known as the 'condom sleeve' a look that no one wants!

A lot of time and thought has gone into developing this fabric and although its our most expensive suit there are no compromises in what the cloth can do.

A tradition comfort look can be achieved by using a non stretch wool with padded shoulders and a wider sleeve with fabric drape however if you still require this look it would still be better to use the 4 way stretch fabric with all its modern day elements and leave the style of the cut to our tailors to achieve your desired preferred profile.

Today's competitors are our future it's important that you get the look right."

Pure Class and Dancewear For You, the right choice.