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FLASH SALE Chrisanne Clover Fabrics & Trim

FLASH SALE Chrisanne Clover Fabrics & Trim

SAVE 15% Off Chrisanne Clover Prices on all full-priced fabrics & trim until 19th October 2022.  Sale applies to all full priced Chrisanne Clover orders for Australian customers.


Due to regular bulk shipments to Australia, we are able to offer regular savings on all Chrisanne Clover products - just ask!

TAKE 15% Off the full price of all Chrisanne Clover full priced fabrics & trim with Dancewear For You.  Simply visit Chrisanne Clover and email a screen shot of your shopping cart or wish list now to for a guaranteed saving of 15% off your order.  

Discount applies to all Chrisanne Clover full-priced products.  Excludes items which are currently discounted on Chrisanne Clover web site.  Discount does not include shipping.  Shipping will be calculated as per normal and included in your order.  15% MIN SAVING IS GUARANTEED on your total Chrisanne Clover order when ordering through Dancewear For You.  Just email your shopping list now.  Outside of Australia?  Just send your shopping list for your personal discount now.


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