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Christmas Gift Vouchers from Dancewear For You

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Christmas is almost here !

Can you believe its almost Christmas already?    I certainly cant !   2016 has FLOWN by with so much happening for us all both in and out of the dance world !

Drop me a line if you would like a Dancewear for You Gift Voucher prepared to a set amount or for a particular item - whatever you like.

In the meantime I hope everyone is well, healthy and happy and getting excited not just about Christmas but about the
Aussies and all the fun Christmas events coming up !

Thankyou to all my wonderful customers and friends for all your support, dancewear orders,
kind customer reviews etc during the year.  I am very blessed to talk to all you lovely people and feel very fulfilled and rewarded every time I hear from a happy customer !

Have a great week everyone and though I wont be dancing due to my recent surgery, I will look forward to seeing lots of you next weekend at the

Happy Dancing !


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