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Calling all Dancewear, Shoes & Accessory orders for the Aussies !

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Calling all Dancewear, Shoes & Accessory orders for the Aussies !

Ladies if you need your dress, skirt, top, leotard, shoes, dance trunks, NEW KIMONO ROBE or accessories for the Aussies please drop me a line TODAY.    

Remember Gents I have bowties, collars, dress studs, collar studs, shoes, comp shirts, waistcoats, latin shirts, trousers for all styles but not everything is held in stock so BE QUICK.

Most Dancewear For You brands can be sourced quickly and arrive at your door within 6-10 days but some items need to be produced so please dont leave it until the last minute.  

Need a comfy shirt to wear in between rounds?  My NEW MENS POLO SHIRTS will be ready soon made with lovely cool, comfy fabric and perfect for teaching and practice.  Drop me a line for info.

I will be at the Arena on a table Friday plus Saturday evening so watch out for me !   


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