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Australian Dancesport Championships

#ADSC16 Dancesport Dancesport Australia

Its almost time for the Aussies !!!

Hopefully I will be recovered enough from my surgery to come along and join everyone at the arena for all the fun and fabulousness that is Dancesport Australia !!!

I SHOULD be arriving on Thurs 8th through until Monday so please watch out for me and my lovely crew at the Arena.  We will have a floorside table all day and night Friday & Saturday !

Also watch out for my fabulous SPONSORED DANCERS Steven Greenwood & Hannah O'Donovan sporting their lovely Dancewear For You gear together with Craig Denham & Grete Kasi who will be thoroughly enjoying the show and supporting and coaching their fabulous students through this amazing event !  The stunning Jessica Dorman is also proudly supported by Dancewear For You and I would like to thank Jess together with all my lovely dancer friends, coaches, my dance partner and all my BFFs for supporting me over the past few weeks and I look forward to hopefully enjoying every moment of the Aussies with you all !

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ADSC16 UPDATE – Make sure to book your LIVE Steam of Australia’s Premier DanceSport Event! 

Just click on the link below:


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