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Special ordering for different sizes...

made to measure dancewear plus size dancewear

DID YOU KNOW that with several Dancewear For You ballroom and latin dancewear brands, you can special order your items to fit?

We all know that some dancewear designs seem to be pretty small but not all dancers are tiny !!

If you are looking for some awesome dancewear but the size charts arent quite the RIGHT FIT for you - just drop me a line as several brands can be made up to suit you....

"Good morning Jacky, 

I can’t believe it!!!!  My order red skirt and blouse arrived at 9.30am this morning and its BEAUTIFUL, fits perfectly.  I am absolutely thrilled and can’t believe it actually arrived on the day that I wanted it to and I can now wear it at the Socialfest tomorrow.  I’m so thrilled hopefully I will be able to get my mates to take a photo so I can send you one. 

Thank you so much for all your emails and the help you gave me. 

Cheers Vicki..."

Vicki special ordered a top and skirt which she needed urgently for a special occasion :-)


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