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Italian Dancewear on Sale

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RS ATELIER ON SALE with Dancewear For You

Save AU$30.00 off all of these fabulous dancewear items when you place your order prior to 19th February ONLY with Dancewear For You.

- RS Atelier Linda Lace Ballroom Skirt save $30.00 using code "RSSALE" at the checkout

- RS Atelier Nero easy button Ballroom Tails Shirt save $30.00 using code 'RSSALE1" at the checkout

- RS Atelier Lorenzo Ballroom Trousers save $30.0 using code RSSALE2" at the checkout

- RS Atelier Carlo Smooth Ballroom & Latin Trousers save $30.00 using code RSSALE3" at the checkout

drop me a line with your shipping enquiries, sizing enquiries or to order multiple RS Atelier items and receive more discounts !

Happy Shopping

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