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2HB 5601 SF/Comp Latin Dance Shoes


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100% Italian made, handcrafted using only the finest quality materials.

These Dance Shoes are perfect for Latin practice, performance & competition.   A stunning, high quality hand made dance shoe for every occasion including DanceSport Competition! 

When choosing dance shoes, it is important to choose the right relationship between shoe flexibility and shoe sole. Our products are distinguished for having an internal construction that allows the choice between two types of flexibility, on the one hand we have the shoes with super flexibility that allows an absolute freedom of movement of the foot, on the other side we have those with medium flexibility that gives the shoe a greater support of the arch. For those who prefer total arch support, it is advisable to choose the whole sole to be combined with a medium-flexibility shoe.

Avail Sizes 36 - 47.  SOLE OPTIONS ADD A NOTE to your order.


The Super Flex (SF) shoe is the completely flexible one, which follows the movements of the dancer like a glove: rigid only under the heel thanks to the super flexibility and with a split sole, completely flexible under the arch.


For those who prefer more arch support without sacrificing forefoot flexibility, we recommend opting for a Flex (F) construction. In this case, the medium flexibility will ensure that there is support that goes from the heel to the entire arch.  The split sole however allows excellent freedom of movement in the forefoot.


Those who want total foot support can find it in the Montati models (M).  In this case, the full sole is added to the  medium flexibility for support even in the forefoot.

Unless otherwise requested, your gorgeous new hand-made 2HB Dance Shoes will come with a suede sole.  All 2HB Shoes can be made with different soles such as rubber, leather etc - just drop me a line.

No return or exchange on handmade Italian 2HB Dance Shoes.   Please check the size chart or drop me a line for sizing advice.

DOWNLOAD a printable shoe fitting guide here

OR use this handy method:

The best way to measure your foot:

1. Put your foot on a blank sheet of paper and shift body weight to
it. Outline your foot (see pic.1).

2. Then measure the length in CM from the extreme point of a heel to the longest toe of your foot (see pic. 2).  

3. To determine the right width, measure the widest part of your foot (pic.3).


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