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DSI-London Twinkle Nylon Organza 1100

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Twinkle nylon is the top quality organza and the most commonly used dance fabric for the underskirts of Ballroom dresses.  Our DSI twinkle is so popular as it has remarkable colour brightness.  Every colour is specifically dyed to ensure a perfect colour match with all our DSI colours.

Perfectly blending the requirement of the current trend of a fuller Ballroom skirt with flexibility of movement, our twinkle nylon is a trend setter in our Ballroom industry.  Though commonly used for Ballroom underskirts and on occasions as top layer, twinkle nylon is also suited to create an accessorising fashion statement like a hair piece or other dance costume enhancing details.

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THE FULL RANGE of dancewear fabrics, crystals, trimmings, accessories from DSI-London is available from Dancewear For You but all items have not been added to my web site - just the essentials.

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